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What we do?

We at “Jazz” are providing the Best Consultancy Solutions for Abroad Job Placement, Visitor / Tourist / Business / Family Visa, Study Visa, and Skilled Migration /PR to our clients since 2009. We shall simplify the paper work and provide the best results within a short time of interval.

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 Job Placement

We are specialized for job placements in Schengen (Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Italy), Singapore, Dubai (U.A.E), Kuwait and have maintained a good relation with employers & employees by fulfilling their requirements within a framed time period. We provide search across all potential leadership, skilled & unskilled roles in Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing…

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Study Abroad

We have another section for Study Visa, where our highly experienced staff shall assist the candidates throughout the visa process. Generally, the paperwork for study visas are very hectic and bulky but our highly experienced professional shell simplify the paper work and assist you in getting the visa in very short time. 

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About Us

Jazz Immigration & Placement Consultant, the leading Immigration and Visa service provider with immense experience of client servicing and facilitating individuals to achieve their dreams. Jazz Immigration & Placement Consultant has carved his own elite niche for providing the best immigration service in the area.

Jazz Immigration & Placement Consultant is the leader in the market for two things; first its honesty and transparency while dealing with the clients and second its accuracy and efficiency while working for the clients.

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Australia is one of the most attractive tourist place & education hub with pleasant climate.



Canada is one of the most popular countries for permanent Visa access.

New Zealand


New Zealand is a heavenly paradise, because of its excellent weather condition.



Germany is one of the ideal places for skilled migrants and Visa.

Hong Kong


The biggest advantage of Hong Kong is that it is the country of free economy.



Singapore is one of the leading financial hubs of the world.

Our Services

Visitor Visa

We can arrange a Business Sponsor / Invitation for You which shall play 70% role in obtaining the visa. The candidates who refused before shall must include a sponsor letter / Invitation to boost up their file again.

Job Placement

You must be able to work independently. If you really know the work and having enough qualification & experience into a particular field then we are here to assist you to get guaranteed job as soon as possible.

Study Abroad

We also provide an excellent opportunity for all aspiring students to explore their dream of studying abroad. Jazz Immigration helps an aspiring candidate to get study visas for various big countries including Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Schengen to mix with the unknown yet exciting diversified culture.

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